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10-Year-Old Rapper Lil Tay Announces Summer Comeback Tour

The massively popular and endearingly vulgar hip hop recording artist known as “Lil Tay” is officially emerging from the darkness to go on a semi-continental tour this summer, and it’s already being dubbed “the biggest comeback story of 2019” by several music enthusiasts and critics.

After skyrocketing to viral fame and amassing over 2 million followers on Instagram last spring, the foul-mouthed, Chinese-Canadian toddler completely disappeared from social media and left her fans dumbfounded and heartbroken.

However, after nearly a year in hiding, the mixed mischief-maker and viral phenom of yesteryear made a special appearance on an exclusive No Jumper podcast last Friday to vaguely reveal that “something big is in the works.”

And after almost four days of anxious anticipation from millions of bewildered rap fans, the tour dates and locations of Lil Tay’s 2019 Comeback Summer Tour were officially released to the public this morning.

Produced by Live Nation and sponsored by Backwoods, Crayola, Juul, and Gerber, the Eastern U.S. trek will kick off on June 12 at Pittsburgh’s famous Idlewild & SoakZone music venue and hit an additional 16 locations through July. Lil Tay, also known as “the youngest flexer in the world” and “Tay Cosgrove” will be performing original, uncensored rap songs, including her smash hits Wheels On The Buss Down, Young MacDonald Had A Glock, Pop! Goes The Wesson, and Mary Had A Little Gram while on tour.