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Country Megastar Morgan Wallen Was Arrested Last Night For Allegedly Throwing A Chair Off A 6th Floor Balcony That Landed Feet From Nashville Police Officers


I imagine any giant artist on tour has a very strict regimen for what is likely months of a pure grind. Take Taylor Swift for example. Maybe she's getting ample sleep, limiting her alcohol intake, following a strict diet, etc. Not one of the biggest country stars on the planet Morgan Wallen though. I feel like there's always a clip of this dude making out with some Alabama sorority girl or drunk off his ass saying something crazy. He's just a 22 year old frat dude but instead he's wildly famous and this latest example from last night shows it. I don't want to be old man yells at cloud here, but part of me thinks if you reach a certain level of success and fame and are doing shit drunk that a college kid would do, you're probably not worth supporting. I assume Morgan Wallen is probably friends with Eric Church who probably gave him VIP treatment at that bar and all of a sudden his brand new spot is on national news for being chaos too.

On that note too, Nashville PD wasn't fucking around, because three felony counts of reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon is crazy. Throwing a chair off a 6th floor balcony is best put in the words from our local poet here at Barstool Rear Ad:

I'm sure the security footage will be in the hands of TMZ by the time I publish this blog and we'll see just how dumb he truly is. The laughing in the cop car after you just got arrested for what Nashville PD is calling a serious crime is some nasty work too. You know those police officers who arrested him were probably like "really dude, again?" after that arrest in 2020 at Kid Rock's bar in Nashville for disorderly conduct. He did have a generational mugshot back then though:


It's also not lost on me this guy has legitimate lyrics about Broadway girls and how he should have stayed his ass at home:

That song kinda slaps though.