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A Bunch Of Sick Fucks Went Tubing Down A San Diego Drain Pipe With Video So Clear, You Will Need A Tetanus Shot Once You Are Done Watching

Instant Reaction:

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Uhhhh what the FUCK was that? I thought Californians were supposed to be health conscious and after checking with my doctor (which is something I clearly never do), going brown-water rafting in a storm drain is recommended by 0 out of 10 licensed physicians. I could maybe understand people from San Francisco doing some sort of nonsense like this since their city is apparently covered in shit. But I thought more of the good people of San Diego, who I always figured were enjoying the beach and perfect weather instead of attending Chargers games.

Also credit to me for being a Big J Journo and putting drain pipe instead of sewer drain as the reddit title says since these maniacs apparently went tubing down a storm drain, which moves water from a storm instead of alllllllll the shit and piss from the Greater San Diego Area. Based on my limited research (literally scrolling the Reddit comments as I wrote this blog), those drains move whatever mud runs off the hills in the area, which is much better than tubing down a bunch of randos numbers 1s and 2s. However it also includes significantly more animal shit than any human should ever be near along with chemicals, needles, as well as whatever literal and proverbial shit the local homeless may be adding to the ecosystem. So while it's not quite as bad as what Andy crawled to freedom through at Shawshank, it sure as shit ain't great and every face in that video should be added to a watch list for willingly doing this for pre-crime and pre-covid-24.