"I Don't Think My Record Has Been Broken" - Lynette Woodard Commenting On Caitlin Clark's NCAA Scoring Record Is So Sad

This is the saddest thing in the entire world. Big Cat said it best, everyone is just mad at Caitlin Clark for existing. All she has done is play basketball at a level nobody has ever seen and you have Lynette over here talking shit for no reason. Hey Lynette, you had the scoring title since 1981,  which is a very long time ago. And yes you probably deserved more praise. But why shit on a girl who shattered your record and did nothing to you? 

These athletes (men and women) get bitter when they are out of the league and the spotlight. You all are playing the same sport, and if we are being honest here, what Caitlin Clark is doing for womens basketball should be applauded because guess what? People are talking about you again Lynette! Unfortunately womens basketball hasn't been that popular and now Caitlin Clark is putting it into a different stratosphere, which is amazing.  


The game changed from 1981 to now. I thought that was pretty obvious and I think everyone thinks it is impressive having a scoring title for 43 years. Now I don't give a shit because you sound like a sore loser and want to say it's not the same because you used a different ball and no three point line. You know what? Lets take away all of Steph Curry's records because we added a three point line in 1980. 

Lynette should be propping her up because what she is doing is way more than breaking your scoring title, she is going to bring that much more eyeballs to the WNBA and not just here Angel Reese, Paige Buckets and more. Unfortunately we have jealous older players and try and bring down the current players when they could just be all on the same side and grow the game together. I will be watching the Womens National Championship tonight thanks to the scoring leader Caitlin Clark. This made me so much more mad than I wanted to be but people can never just be happy for other people. 

Dave is so right. Nobody knows who you are but we would have if you maybe said this in a nice way instead of being bitter. That's how big peoples egos are because when she said the elephant in the room, I bet everyone looked around like what the fuck is she talking about?