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From His Unreal Entrance To Talking Shit Mid-Match, The Rock Delivered A Vintage Wrestlemania Performance

Did I use vintage in the headline because of Michael Cole? Yes, yes I did. I know I'm not Robbie Fox, Brandon or Nate when it comes to wrestling but I fucking love it. So I wanted to write something up about The Rock last night, since I just watched night 1 of Wrestlemania. Final Four takes priority still, but when you have a sick 1-year old and a 4-year old sleep just isn't a thing. We rebound with Wrestlemania. 

Let me say this. The Rock fucking delivered. I also want to give you a heads up there will be spoilers, so don't keep reading if you're going to rewatch this later. AGAIN THERE ARE SPOILERS. 

First off, let's start with the entrance. That fucking ruled. I didn't know what to think of the whole Final Boss thing, it reminds me a little bit of Fast and Furious, so that's a win. The whole delayed 'if you smell' start was worth it. Then you had the fire, the vest, the walk. It brought me back to the glory days. Same with him threatening the ref to fire him. Pretty sure HHH is in charge of that, but hey, it's wrestling. You can do whatever you want in Bloodline rules. 


As for the match itself? It delivered. You had the moment of Reigns spearing The Rock. 

That obviously leads everyone to thinking The Rock may cost Reigns the belt tonight. Well, obviously that was always the thought process but now it's how does it happen, does it lead back to this, etc. Hell of a sell by The Rock too. But like I said, The Rock delivered. He ate a Rock Bottom through the announcers table. He sold a Rollins stomp. It wasn't like Goldberg coming back to wrestle or something like that, it was some legit rasslin. 

Like I said, I'm just a fan. I'm simple-minded when it comes to wrestling. I want to be entertained and follow the storylines. Last night delivered that with The Rock. Now we get Bloodlines Rules tonight for Reigns vs Cody. We have the finish the story, we have if The Rock interferes and I can't wait. Last night was solid. Sami/Gunther match was incredible. But when The Rock shows up, he's the story. Last night was that again.