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Let The Cat Live: Soccer Mascot In England Was Fired For Apparently Spending Too Much Time Flirting With Women During Matches


[Source] - The Romeo in the costume was axed after being given a string of ­warnings telling him to stop chatting up match-goers and get on with his job.

Yet many Hoops supporters were fuming to learn their beloved talisman, who was known for his silky pitchside dance moves, had been axed after several years of service.

“He had the smoothest moves in the league but, unfortunately, he was a bit of a smooth talker, too. 

"Several people complained that he was trying it on with the ladies more than cheering on the lads on the pitch.

“He would always be dancing with them and then trying to get them to give him their number.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're telling me mascots are getting fired for caring about fans? Sorry the cat likes to try to pick up some moms and women while on the job, but fired for flirting too much? That's just being a mascot. Maybe it worked a time or too. Maybe we had an Entourage situation on our hands where there's a furry or two in the crowd and he was playing into it, all I know is you're a professional soccer team in England. You can't be firing a mascot for flirting. I assumed it was part of the gig. 

Look at the quotes too. Fucking hilarious. He was trying it on with the ladies more than cheering on the lads on the pitch. No kidding. QPR is 16th in the Championship right now. Not a whole lot to be cheering on for a squad who has 12 wins in 41 matches. At some point even fans start to give up on a team, you expect a mascot not to hit on women during a nil-nil draw? If anything he's uniting the fanbase. 

If this ever worked, the QPR mascot deserves a raise the Vikings mascot demanded. You're dressed like a black cat, that's gotta be an all-time game and wordsmith if you pull a mom dressed like that. We're not talking about going out to the club and wearing your finest navy blue shirt. We're talking about during a game. A game! Bring the mascot back and maybe the crowd won't notice your team stinks, ever think of that?