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Here's The Only Correct Take That Anyone Who Knows Ball Could Possibly Have About The Iowa / UConn Ending

So everyone and their sister has an opinion on how the game ended last night. Not to go Marilyn Manson on myself and suck my own dick but I had a pretty spot on take in real time. 


You don't see that type of accuracy very often without the benefit of slowed down, zoomed in replay, but that's a trained eye you're dealing with there. A combination of both Lasik eye surgery and a decade's worth of experience coaching women's basketball making that snap judgement. 

.......but after watching the official replay, I have the only correct take that anyone that knows any sort of ball could possibly have:

That was, by definition, a foul. And under no circumstances at the end of a game, let alone in the Final Four, with a team down 1 and the ball under 10 seconds, can you call that. Never, ever. 

I don't understand how this is so controversial. This should be like September 12th, 2001 where the entire country unites behind the same stance. Yes, it was a foul, by rule. That part is clear as day.

Have we seen Draymond Green do that no less than 57 times a night in every single game since 2012? Yes. But that doesn't mean that the rulebook knowers can't pull out their worn, beaten copies of the regulations and tell us that, by definition, this is a foul.

…..and you can't fucking call it. No chance. UConn ball, down 1, less than 10, fuck now it's less than 5 seconds to play! I don't care if she pops her hips like a girl with a flat ass trying to pretend she has a BBL on instagram…..you can't call it.

For you non-ball-knowers, watch any game winning shot. You all probably sit there and see the arc of the ball and see if it goes in. Pause it, rewind, and watch the absolute slugfest that happens under the hoop each time. It's like the purge for the last 4 seconds of any game off the ball…..except last night….when the entire country was predicting that the NCAA wanted Caitlin Clark to advance.

Look I'm happier than anyone that they made the call, and it was the right call by definition, but the ref needs to swallow his whistle on that one. Let the players decide the game, not the rulebook.