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Congressional Candidate Billy Football Went on Fox News and Absolutely Cooked

Even as someone who knew this was coming for the last 24 hours, seeing Billy Football Bill Cotter take on the establishment media as a Congressional candidate was one of the most surreal things I've ever witnessed in my life. I've heard this guy say some of the most ridiculous things that could ever come out of a person's mouth and there is now a non-zero chance we are only months away from him becoming a member of the House of Representatives. Thank you, PFT Commenter.

I wasn't familiar with this Martha MacCallum character, but she came in hot. I thought this would be an interview full of softballs, but she brought the heat from the get-go with some bullshit about Billy filing paperwork — I sincerely hope Billy actually does have his paperwork with the signatures squared away, because his campaign ending before it starts due to a missed paperwork deadline would be the most Billy Football thing to ever happen. But to his credit, Bill stood in the box and carried himself quite well. And once they got to the issues, he was cooking.


In true Billy fashion, he also answered the question of whether or not he supports Donald Trump by flipping it on its head and saying he would accept Trump's endorsement of his campaign. What a power move.

It seems like things are actually real now. If you had asked me a week ago what Billy's chances of becoming Congressman Cotter were, I'd have said less than 1 percent. After this appearance, you could talk me into anywhere from 10-20 percent and we're still in the first week of April. There is a world in which this Veep storyline somehow comes to life.

All in all, I think this was a great day for Bill's campaign. He hit some good talking points and got his name out there to the masses. I'm still trying to process how this is actually happening, but here we are.