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Whoops! Last Week Arkansas' AD Tweeted Out A Video About Eric Musselman Staying There, Today Muss Reportedly Got Hired By USC

So last week the AD at Arkansas tweeted this out. Really leaning into the whole Muss Bus thing and hinting at him staying at Arkansas. Okay, that's fine - but you gotta be 100% sure that he's not taking a job until 2025. You can't do the whole Muss Bus thing and then a week later have this news out there: 


Whether his shirt is on or off, this is a great hire by USC. You need someone who can recruit, especially with the recruits California has coming up and we know Muss can do that. You need someone to fire up that program. Andy Enfield had a couple decent years, most notably the Evan Mobley team, but he never was able to really get that program going. Muss can sell the program. He can bring in big names, he can recruit. He did it at Arkansas. That was a program who was just kinda there despite having a history, a rabid fanbase (mashed potatoes or not) and one of the better home courts in the country. 

As for where Arkansas goes? This is picking up steam: 


Trilly threw out his name too: 

Let's get this carousel going. All I know is you can't tweet out a video of a guy staying when jobs are open. It made sense for Muss to head back West. The USC job was open even though Enfield just technically took the SMU job. But the Big 10 (so fucking weird) has its newest coach.