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Lana Rhodes And Michael Porter Jr. Is The Most Random Podcast Linkup In Internet History

Michael Porter Jr. launched his podcast over two years ago with the title "Curious Mike." That title fits his persona as MPJ has been known on the internet streets as a conspiracy theorist since COVID. 

There have only been 16 episodes so far for MPJ since he launched "Curious Mike" but his list of guests has been loaded:

-Peyton Manning

-Von Miller

-Trae Young

-Nikola Jokic (only podcast appearance ever)

And now he has his most anticipated guest yet......Lana Rhodes!


The podcast is not out yet but they discuss Lana's exit from the porn industry (BASED), her challenging childhood, and possible borderline personality disorder.

Not to sound like a simp, but Lana is a great guest to have on a podcast as she has lived a life that almost all of the population cannot relate to. I haven't watched a full interview with her, but it does sound like she can formulate a sentence. All that being said....we will be tuning in no matter what. So...good job, Michael Porter Jr....you got me.

All it took for Lana to call him the best interviewer was "that's tough" after describing an incredibly unenjoyable experience of being in the adult film industry. 

All MPJ does is shoot, refuses to pass and gets Lana Rhodes on his podcast….he may be the GOAT.