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Tin Foil Hat Time: NBA Fans Are Hitting Half Court Shots For A Shit Ton Of Money At An Alarming Rate This Season

Allen Berezovsky. Getty Images.

There's a chance I'm the only person who has noticed/cares about this, but while watching the Bucks, unfortunately, lose their second consecutive game to a bad team, this time at home to an injured MEM team (again), I couldn't help but notice something that I feel like has been happening WAY more recently during NBA games

As we often see nowadays, a fan came out to take a half court shot for a chance to win a nice chunk of cash, and once again it was nothing but net


I don't know why, but I always love seeing these moments. That has to be such an insane feeling to come through like that on an NBA court in a packed arena. That adrenaline alone would be enough for me. Then it hits you that you also just won 10K (duh, we all know about taxes and whatnot, just go with it). Talk about an all-time feeling.

But then I thought about it and I'm starting to think there may be some fishy business at play here. I haven't exactly worked out how Adam Silver is pulling this off but something doesn't seem right with this. You know the saying if something seems too good to be true it probably is? That's where I am with this gimmick. Something has to be going on here. 

It's now at the point where you can't go a day watching NBA games without seeing a fan somewhere go out and make one of these prayers. I'm not joking, it's basically every day! A quick search on Twitter gave me a handful of examples



Is this what people mean when they say Steph Curry changed the game forever? Now I can't tell you that I've been tracking this sort of thing over the course of every season, but it certainly feels like we're getting more of these half court prayers than ever before. And hey, maybe it's all just a coincidence combined with skill combined with the Steph Curry influence. We've all seen how the game has changed when it comes to NBA players over the years

so maybe the same thing is happening with fans? Again, I'm not sure what Adam Silver is up to here or how he's somehow rigging this thing, but given that it's happening every night there's no way he's not behind it on some level. You're telling me this guy isn't experimenting with the dark arts? Some voodoo magic or something? Think about it. One of those moments happens, they go viral, and that's more eyeballs on his league and his product. Maybe it encourages attendance/fans to sign up for whatever the promotion is. It's like how casinos love to show you when people win a ton of money playing slots and shit like that. That's not by accident.

Now, am I just jealous? Not really. Mostly because there's no way in hell I'd make the shot in that spot. I have enough self-awareness to know that I'm not built for that moment. The sad part is I don't even have a fucked up shoulder that would impact my performance


I'd just embarrass myself. So I wouldn't call it jealousy, more suspicion. Adam Silver may think he has everyone else fooled, but not me. I'm onto him.