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We Need Answers From The NCAA - Pictures Appear To Show UConn Players Sharing Rooms With Smaller Beds Than Other Final Four Teams

Do you know how bad the NCAA has to be for me to be backing UConn's fans in a conspiracy theory? Well that or just play Alabama, really you pick the one here. But this? This is lining up even more. We know what happened with the plane:


And just remember a year ago there was this: 

Now we have the pictures on player's IG stories and Twitter and those weasels better answer why. Is this all on UConn and what they want? I'm not ruling out the fact Dan Hurley demanded this to happen so he can use it as fodder to fuel the hate UConn plays with. He's a lunatic and something we must address. Not to mention, there is some superstition here: 

But twin beds? What is this? Freshman year in the dorms where you can barely fit a mini fridge and your closet is basically 12 hangers? You know exactly what I'm talking about - RIPIP Blanding I at Kentucky. Everyone had a dorm like that. Not everyone is playing in the Final Four though. Not everyone is as large as Donovan Clingan who apparently has to sleep in a bed that's smaller than what my 4-year old currently sleeps in. 


Boston Globe. Getty Images.

Now, don't get me wrong, DJ Burns deserves a suite.

 He's the darling of March. But everyone deserves at least a king size bed. I didn't even know you could get a twin anymore in a somewhat decent hotel. Pretty sure it was always just a king bed or 2 queens. 


The fact of the matter is we need answers. Hopefully we get some vintage Hurley, who is doing media day because he's going to deliver behind a mic. It's Wrestlemania and Final Four week and Hurley is basically behind the Rock only when it comes to mic work. 

I can't believe I'm seeing people say the rooms are the same. It's pretty clear that Burns has a bigger bed in a solo room where UConn is in shared rooms and smaller beds. We just want answers that's all. I'm far from a UConn fan and even I can see the difference. If we don't get it from the NCAA it's only going to lead to more questions. Let Hurley speak now. Don't make us wait until dinner time on the east coast. Give the man a mic.