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The New Era Of College Sports: AJ Storr Reportedly Asked Kansas For A $1 Million To Transfer There, Ended Up Refusing A $750k Offer

I'm using reportedly for a reason here. Obviously these numbers could be anything - agent driven, coach driven, made up. But this is the new era of college sports. It's not even an AJ Storr thing, this isn't me making fun of him, he's probably a top-5 player in the portal. I'm also very pro NIL, we just need to find a way to make it work better. I don't care what guys get paid, you wanna give AJ Storr a $1 million by all means go ahead. You wanna offer him $750k and tell him take it or leave, go ahead. Welcome to big time college sports. 

I know people will scream this is pay-for-play, no shit it is. It's always been pay-for-play, even before NIL was a thing. People would pick places to play at based on offers, ability to get a pro contract, facilities, various different reasons. But money has been a thing since Wooden and the NYU days. Go ahead and look up Sam Gilbert. 


This is where I keep saying the first problem to solve is the transfer portal after next year. I say after next year because the free COVID year is done and the number of guys in college basketball is back to a normal number. That's step 1. Step 2 is using a 1-time free transfer. If you want to transfer a second time, sit out a year or something like that. The one caveat is if your coach leaves or your school switches conferences, you get another free transfer. I think any player at Oregon State should be able to transfer since they got fucked by conference realignment. 

It's also another reason the NCAA fucked up. We don't need congress here. The NCAA only has themselves to blame. They were reactive to all the NIL shit, keep losing in court and refused to be proactive at any time during this whole thing. All you had to do was set up NIL stuff before and we'd be in a different place. Welcome to the NCAA though. Like I said, this isn't just a Storr thing, think of him as a player however you want. This is just the era we live in now.