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Nicky Smokes "Explore Page" On His Instagram Confirms That He's Exactly Who We Thought He Was

So me and Nicky were sitting in the upstairs part of the Chicago office this morning, bouncing some ideas off each other, and I asked him what his Explore page on Instagram looked like. He responded with an, "Aw dude you already know, bro. You already know." 

......I assumed it was all ass, with maybe a little bit of boobs, and perhaps some ball thrown in there like a water in-between Jack and Cokes at the bar on Friday night. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be interesting to see what people's Explore pages look like? But then again, is that too personal of information? Like, I wouldn't walk into Big Cats office and ask him, but I think I can walk over to Nicky Smokes and dare to see what the algorithm thinks he likes.

So I did:


Respect to Smokes for knowing exactly what was going to happen and still pulling it up anyways. But the results show that he is exactly who we thought he was. An Ass and Ball man.

A thing for the women's college basketball players I see too, Smokes!

And I'm not saying anything negative about the guy because I'm pretty sure that's what 99.9999% of guys Explore pages look like. If you're not looking at tits on Instagram, then what's wrong with you? And now I'm thinking about doing this to other coworkers. Interesting for sure, but appropriate or not? I'd LOVE to walk up to someone like Steven Cheah and see if he's getting data and analytics posts thrown in his face or big Brazilian asses.

*Update, Nicky is now walking around the office asking people to see their Explore pages and filming them. Good idea, Smokes.