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Here We Go! Mike Tyson Says Jake Paul Is "Greatly Mistaken" If He Thinks He Isn't Going To Beat The Fuck Out Of Him In The Ring

 Source - Mike Tyson's adamant his fight with Jake Paul ain't a money grab -- he says he's training round the clock to kick the social media star's ass this summer ... insisting this week, "I take it serious!"

Iron Mike appeared on "Hannity" on Tuesday night to break down the upcoming tilt with Paul -- and he told the show's host, Sean Hannity, that he's living in the gym right now to make sure he's in incredible shape for the July 20 bout.

The Video:


Before we get into any sort of analysis, watch the entire interview. Plug in your headphones, minimize the screen, do whatever you have to do to not get in trouble and watch the interview. It's worth it. His entire cadence is different than it was last time we heard from him about a month ago. Mike is in fight mode. He's training every day and "scared to death." Which, according to Mike, is exactly where he needs to be because after he's "scared to death" he becomes "invincible." He becomes the person he hates and that person is a very scary dude. He's also posting stuff like this on Instagram...

which if I was Jake Paul would make me shit my pants. Although my favorite part of the entire thing is when Hannity pivoted to Mike's weed business. "Annnyyyyway Mike I hear you have some marijuana gummies? And they're in the shape of Evander Holyfield's ear?" "Yeah but I'm not taking them because I'm want to be irritable in the ring…" "Got it. Thanks for the time!" 

Check out the fight on Netflix on July 20th. My money is on Mike. Yours should be to.