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Scott Frost Says He's "Dying To Coach Again" Despite Getting Paid $15 Million To Live In Scottsdale And Not Coach

I'm not sure me and Scottie have the same understanding of the definition of the word "dying". Because to me, dying to do something means you'd literally do whatever it takes to achieve it. Like, I was "dying" to work at Barstool, so I quit my job not just mid-year, but mid-night, to go shoot free throws 6 hours away. Scott Frost says he's dying to get back into he sits in Scottsdale, Arizona.....collecting $15 million from Nebraska....

Frost is comfortable living in Scottsdale with his three young children. He has time to plan. The family prefers the location so much that it might be hard moving back to a small college town. The NFL also remains an option. In the end, though, Frost has 15 million (the amount of his Nebraska buyout) reasons to take his time.

Not a bad life! And I'm not saying I would do anything different. But you can't say you're dying to coach again and then wait for the exact job at the exact level in the exact city you want. I mean, I know he failed at Nebraska, but there is certainly a market for a younger coach who went 13-0 at UCF and won a self-proclaimed National Championship. Go the Tom Herman route and be at a Florida Atlantic, having to work your way back up to the big leagues. But honestly, if he truly was dying to coach, he should've hitched his wagon on the Nick Saban fired coaches staff and he'd have wiped some of that losing stank off his resume. Everyone loves a Saban / Belichick assistant. But instead of working with Saban, he's quoting all the important lessons he taught him.


"As a coach, Nick Saban said it," Frost said. "It used to be a 45-week-a-year job. Now, it's a 52-week-a-year job. You're scouting other teams' players, recruiting year-round, raising money for NIL year-round.

45 weeks out of the year??? Nebraska fans cannot love to hear that. Then again, Frost doesn't want to talk about Nebraska anyways.

The former Huskers quarterback chooses not to reflect on those days. In fact, he prefers not talking about Nebraska.

This just feels like a weird article to read this morning.  Did he ask to be written about to get his name back out there or something? And I'm not trying to make mine a Scott Frost hit piece, but the fact of the matter is that there's been two hiring cycles since he last coached, and if he wanted to get back into coaching, I'm sure he could. In fact, I think if I wanted to get INTO college coaching in the last two years, I could've. So let's just pump the brakes on the word "dying". I'd be doing the same shit too. If I ever get bought out of anything, I'm sitting my ass on the couch and collecting paychecks to do nothing.