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The Silver Surfer Will Be Played By Julia Garner (AKA Ruth Langmore From Ozark) In The Upcoming Fantastic Four Movie. Wait, What?

Deadline- With the four actors set to play the iconic members of the super team, Marvel Studios‘ The Fantastic Four now has its sights set on who will play Silver Surfer, and it looks like they are going with one of the towns biggest rising stars.

Sources tell Deadline that Emmy winner Julia Garner is set to play the iconic comic book character in Marvel Studios’ The Fantastic Four. Pedro Pascal will play Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic), Vanessa Kirby is Sue Storm (aka the Invisible Woman), Joseph Quinn is Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch) and Ebon Moss-Bachrach is Ben Grimm (aka the Thing). 

WandaVision helmer Matt Shakman is directing Fantastic Four off a script by Josh Friedman, Jeff Kaplan, Eric Pearson and Ian Springer. Production will begin this summer, and the film is set to bow on July 25, 2025.

While plot details for this film are unknown, sources say Garner will play Shalla-Bal, a version of Silver Surfer from the comics.

Garner’s star has been on the rise ever since she won her first of three Emmys for playing Ruth on the Netflix crime drama Ozark. She also landed an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Anna Delvey on the limited series Inventing Anna.

I haven't done a deep dive on social media to see what people think of this casing. But I imagine terms like M-She-U and (insert clever word zinging Disney that includes woke somewhere in it) are trending right now. On the other hand, I just finished watching Ozark for the first time, I couldn't be more excited to see Ruth Langmore join the MCU.

I know that Julia Garner is the name of the actress. But when you portray a character this good on screen that wins you three Emmys, you become that character in my mind.

Don't get me wrong, I understand why Silver Surfer being played by a girl seems weird. But it's not like the Surfer had a big ol' dingaling flopping around like Dr. Manhattan. Instead he was built more like a Ken doll with a little silvery patch where his nuts would be. So maybe the Silver Surfer will just be a big ol' genderless piece of flying metal surfing through the stars. Or maybe it'll be a girl. 

No matter what gender box the Surfer checks for its drivers license, I know Julia will crush it considering she had me thinking she was a redneck on Ozark instead of being someone that grew up in New York City, which floored me when I heard her speak for the first time outside of the show.

If Marvel wants to take the easy way out, I would be fine if they just painted Ruth Langmore silver, shaved her head, and gave her a galactic surfboard with some cosmic powers because interactions like this would be better than 90% of the stuff the MCU has churned out since Endgame.

Orrrrrrrr she is gonna play a variant of the traditional Silver Surfer, which makes perfect sense.