50th Annual FDNY vs. NYPD Hockey Heroes Game from UBS Arena - TODAY at 4:15pm ETWATCH HERE


There is nothing better than a line brawl in hockey. But a line brawl to start a game? A game that features the rivalry that is the New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers? That is what we like to call hockey porn. I think everyone knew something was going to happen between the two teams, especially after the last meeting. A fight between Rempe and MacDermid was inevitable, especially when they were both put in the starting lineups. But I actually don't think anyone saw a full on line brawl to start the game happening. 

And you know Rempe couldn't go out without a bang...as HeatDaddy says "Rockstar Shit".

But they weren't done there....

THE COACHES!!! Travis Green and Peter Laviolette then start going at it. Very quickly taking you back to 2013 when Patrick Roy and Bruce Boudreau went toe to toe

MSG must've been a zoo. How can you not go insane with a line brawl to start a game, then the coaches potentially squaring up. The worst part? Basically every guy was thrown out of the game…including Rempe and MacDermid.