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Someone Needs To Swirly This Streamer Who Goes Around Touching People's Food For "Content"

Every single day I see a new clip going viral on Twitter that makes me question humanity a little bit. Promoting violence is bad, but a swirly seems like an acceptable punishment for kids doing stuff like this. We're (unfortunately) in an era of what they call "IRL streaming", which basically is just streamers who go live in public and do outrageous shit for content. Usually this results in more publicity for the streamer and they continue to do shit like this with no repercussions, but this time, they luckily blurred out his name and the streaming platform gave him a ban. Still not enough.

I found it hilarious how he skipped over the first table of people with the jacked dude who would have maybe beat the brakes off of that kid, and then proceeded to go over to two women who he assumed would just do nothing. This reminds me of the time people were going into gas stations and drinking out of bottles and putting them back. I think that stopped after police made an example out of one of those "content creators" by throwing the book at them. Good.

He isn't the only streamer doing this either:

Dave wrote a good blog a few months ago about how these kids just hide behind security and usually it ends up in chaos, and that maybe this Internet that he invented has passed us all by:

 It's easy to ask where the parents are in situations like these, and the answer is clearly not around until something happens to their kid who rightfully deserves to get beaten up. What happened to Pokemon Go when the only thing people were worried about was going to a park to try catching a Bulbasaur or something?

Good on that woman for showing a little restraint, but hopefully the next update is a video of a swirly like I said. We can dream.