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An Ohio Man Pulled A Gun At Burger King Because The Employee Gave Him A Discount

So the way this story goes is that on Easter morning, this fine individual pulled up to a Burger King near Cleveland, Ohio and ordered:

- 2 Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissants 

- A Sausage Biscuit

- 2 Hashbrowns

Any guesses as to how much that costs these days? I know what some of you guys are thinking: with Biden in office? Probably fifty bucks. But the increase in fast food costs is a blog for another day. The answer is approximately $11, but the employee (38-year-old double first named Howard Vernon) only asked for $8. The reasoning behind that is because Burger King was running a promotion, and the customer got 3 dollars off. 

Now, this is one of the differences between me and the upstanding citizen. When I get a price that is less than I expected, I say thank you. Actually, I don't say anything.....maybe it was a mistake and I don't want to tip anyone off. But this guy, he argued:

“He was like, ‘My order can’t be right, it should be like $11,’ and I’m like trying to explain to him that we had a promotion going on, and like it’s cheaper, and he started cussing and getting all loud, and I was like, ‘I don’t know what to tell you, I don’t know why you want to pay more money,’” Vernon said.

Now, I will say this: I don't get why the customer was mad to begin with, but I do see why he'd continue to get annoyed with the attitude that Vernon was giving off. The double "I don't know what to tell you" is known to bring out the worst in people. Ultimately, I'd think they'd settle on the cheaper price, but the upstanding citizen decided to finish the discussion in a different manner: by getting his gun, pulling around the drive-thru again, getting out of his car, and threatening to kill the worker.

Lots of people and the news talking about how bad they feel for the employee, but are we on the same page the person who had to be the most scared was the random person caught in the cross fire? What do you do in that situation? Duck and cover? Drive off? Pay?????

Either way, this is just reason number 302,305,205,210,174 why this world has gone to shit. I used to save money and try to invest for retirement, but I don't think it's possible for society to be around for another 30 years when we've got people like this walking around.