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Jalen Brunson Deserves To Be Treated Like A Star And Tom Thibodeau Is Going To Fight The NBA Until Justice Is Served

About goddamn time Thibs! It's time to start fighting Adam Silver, refs, anyone associated with the NBA until Jalen Brunson is finally treated like a star. The guy can't get a foul call and it's reaching egregious level of disrespect. 

Then you have morons like Windhorst trying to stir up a pointless debate by calling a guy a foul hunter 

Keep that up and I'm gonna challenge Windy to Rough n Rowdy. He can even have Greenie in his corner. Yes the man who gets to the line 6 times a game is a foul hunter. Fuck off with that take. Brunson is a guard who puts his head down and can get to the rim plus finish at the rim. No shit he gets fouled. No one is saying we want to see whistles every possession, we just want a fair whistle. 

Make any jokes you want, but Jalen Brunson is a star. He's one of the best guards in the game right now. 28 and 6 per game, all while not having his second option on offense for a good chunk of the season. Not bad! Not to mention he's the most underpaid man in the NBA. I want everyone on the Knicks to start an uproar. David Stern would never let this happen to us. We also need everyone else too because Jalen Brunson is too good for the game to say otherwise. He blames himself. 

Bring back the 90s ball at this point if you're the Knicks. Make the refs call a foul against you every possession and see how they ref Brunson. Eye for an eye type shit. We're too close to the end of the season for this to be a thing, but if OG and Randle are going to be hurt, we need Thibs to fight someone. This is how it starts. It's time to treat Brunson like the star he is.