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Chef Donny And I Cooked Up Homemade Chicken Vesuvio And Talked About Why Italian Women Never Share "True" Recipes

Chicken Vesuvio week took the interwebs, and Chicago by storm. If you live in a cave and missed it, here's the blog recapping it.

There was a run on the dish all across town last week resulting in many of the Italian restaurants I visited and listed in my blog running out and having to 86 the dish. 

A shocking development to say the least. 

I stopped by Donny's kitchen at the Barstool Chicago office and we cooked up our own version of the dish and I'm not fucking around when I say that it turned out phenomenal. Donny's a really good cook and he's a wealth of knowledge for such a young kid. 

If you're looking for a pretty easy dish to make, that's cheap, and doesn't require a ton of ingredients, give this one a shot and let us know what you think.

But that's not the only point of this blog.

Anybody out there with parents or grandparents not from this country ever realize how shady they are when it comes to sharing recipes or teaching you how to cook something? 

It's crazy. 

I have family who will go so far as pre-batching ingredients into non-descript Tupperware containers, making you leave the room at certain points of the cooking so they can tinker without you seeing what they do, or just straight up lying by omission. They'll leave out what seems to be something small and inconsequential to the recipe, but actually makes a huge difference. I get it, but I don't get it. It's not like it's your annoying next-door neighbor hassling you for your famous chocolate chip cookie recipe you don't want the whole world to know or have. It's your family.