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ESPN MLB Insider Jeff Passan Explains The Story Of How He Broke His Back And Was Just 18 Inches Away From Getting Killed By A Falling Tree

On today's Pardon My Take... JEFF PASSAN! The Senior MLB Insider for ESPN joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss baseball, what the next Moneyball will be, the super teams and teams that are an absolute joke, boycotting his Hall of Fame vote, and tons more.

The interview actually wrapped up (shoutout the Rhoback question) with a crazy story that Passan told on how he almost died, yes, died, via a tree that fell just 18 inches from him in Kansas City last summer. Passan suffered a broken back, but fortunately, lived to tell the tale. This is the statement he made when this scary incident took place...

This is absolutely terrifying. Passan *literally* saw his life flash before his eyes, and on today's show, he reminisced on that scary day back in Kansas City...

Shoutout to the hard-working folks in the medical field. I can't imagine doing what they do with the pressure that they have in their hands. I really can't think of many other terrifying experiences that could happen around the house like the one that Passan endured last summer. So, so scary. Glad to see that he is alright, but can't imagine being thisclose to a a falling tree striking your head.

Overall, this was a fantastic interview that highlighted all of the biggest storylines in Major League Baseball. Be sure to give it a watch and/or listen.