50th Annual FDNY vs. NYPD Hockey Heroes Game from UBS Arena - TODAY at 4:15pm ETWATCH HERE

5'9'' Tiny Hero Fights 6'9'' Monster Man to Impress Ring Girls

ONLY AT ROUGH N' ROWDY FOLKS! Where else can you see a 5'9'' king go against a 6'9'' goliath without an ounce of fear in his eyes? That junkyard dog may not get his hand raised at the end but he still remains an inspiration to us all. Anyone who gets in the RNR ring has earned respect in this life & the next...

And our next PPV will be Friday April 19th with a whole new slate of amateur fighters coming to Clarksburg. No repeat matchups, no title fights, just good ol fashioned brawls with (0-0) maniacs. Dave Portnoy, Big Cat, Large will be on the call with Rone & Caleb reporting ringside and the other Buffer brudder Frank The Tank will be in the house as well. 

Preorder on BuyRNR.com for 20 fights + ring girl contest on April 19th