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It's Bullshit That Dollar Tree Is Once Again Announcing A Raise In Prices But Not A Change In Store Name

Dollar Tree, an affordable retailer beloved by many for its $1.25 finds, has announced an increase in its max price — yet again.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rick Dreiling announced that in over 3,000 locations across the country, shoppers will now find items as high as $7 — two dollars more than the previous max price increase.

So let me start this blog by saying that I was once the biggest Dollar Tree supporter from sea to shining sea. For two years of my life, I lived in a town called Pataskala, where I was within walking distance of both a grocery store and an establishment that I hadn't ever frequented: Dollar Tree. One summer (since I was teaching and didn't have anywhere to be), I would walk to the grocery store every morning and pick up my fresh food for the day. No chips and cookies for me, all fruits and veggies! Well, on one of those walks, I stopped inside the Dollar Tree to see what it was all about. And folks, it was like I saw a pair of tits for the first time in my life. Nothing was ever the same after that.

You're telling me that EVERYTHING was a dollar? And I'm talking about shit that's legit like 7 or 8 bucks at the store. I'm not just talking about food items....still never really shopped there for those. But like, foil, toilet paper, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies....things that you go refill at Walmart for $5+ a pop were all one buck? That shit added up.....to barely anything! It was like I discovered America. No one knew about it (except a bunch of people I didn't care about), and I was going to make it all mine. And I did, almost every day, until that grim day in 2021.

Fuck you! Change the store name then you cowards! (But I still kept shopping, not caring THAT much about the extra quarter per item. Even though 4 for 4 doesn't hold the same special feeling as 4 for 5)

And then they started selling more than just dollar items, saying they would begin selling certain things for $5. They called it a "Maximum Price". Until just fucking recently when they raised prices once again, now offering things at Dollar Twenty-Five Tree for up to seven bucks. And they want us to quit crying about it....

You chill the fuck out, Dollar Tree. Either change the name of your store or bring everything back to a dollar.