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There Is A New Matrix Movie In The Works And That MIGHT Actually Be A Good Thing

Goddard, the fan-favorite writer-director whose credits include The Martian, The Cabin in the Woods and World War Z, has been tapped to write and direct a new Matrix feature for the studio, Warners announced Wednesday.

This will be the first The Matrix film not to directly involve creators Lana and Lilly Wachowski, though Lana Wachowski will act as an executive producer on the new installment.

I'll preface this by placing a ton of well-due respect on The Matrix. The original is an iconic, benchmark film for the scifi genre and still holds up well to this day. I'd even go to bat for Reloaded as well, as I think the highway and mansion fight sequences are incredible. However, the last two entries in the franchise were tough. Revolutions had it's moments but Resurrections basically proved that the genre had passed the Wachowskis by. 

That said, the lore of the Matrix is still awesome & is well worth exploring. According to this article, Goddard came to WB with a " new take to extend the franchise." That combined with the fact that the Wachowski's are off the wheel are enough for me to be excited for a future entry into this world. 

To give you a little summary of Drew Goddard, he got his start working with JJ Abrams on 'Alias' & 'Lost' before writing 'Cloverfield' For Matt Reeves. He went on to direct the very good 'The Cabin in the Woods' & adapted the script for 'The Martian' which won him an Oscar. He also wrote 'World War Z' & episodes of 'Daredevil'. This would undoubtably be his biggest project to date but he's proven himself in this genre enough that he merits some trust. 

By the way, if you're a Matrix fan that is looking for more stuff like that, you should watch some of the stuff that inspired the franchise. The Anime 'Ghost in the Shell' was their main muse and is incredible in it's own right. 

Also all of the banger Hong Kong action wire-fighting movies of the 80s and 90s were a big influence as well.