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Fans Found an Oakland A's Team Store Sheet Telling Employees How To Engage With Customers Since Everybody Despises the Team Now

Man, it is going to be a ROUGH season in Oakland.

Honestly, people working in the Coliseum may have it the worst of anybody involved with the A's this year. Those are regular people just trying to do their jobs and they've been put in an impossible situation. Anybody that's able to sell merch for a team that's hated by its own fans right now should probably be hired by a Fortune 500 company.

This sheet obviously looks bad when the general public gets ahold of it — and how does that happen, by the way — but what do you want the store employees to do? They're not the ones fucking over the fans so they can make more money in Las Vegas. I feel especially bad for whoever Drew is, because it seems like he's going to have quite an unenjoyable season.

Also sorry to anyone still holding an Oakland A's team store gift card.