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Embrace Debate: UConn Keeps Beating The Shit Out Of Everyone And Now Guys Like Jay Wright Are Comparing Them To The Best Teams Ever

[Source] - They might be one of the best ever with 1990 UNLV, 1996 Kentucky, the great Duke teams and my 2018 team. If they finish as I think they will, their run could be one of the most dominant ever." 

Look, obviously UConn still needs to win two more. If you don't win the title you're in the group of 1991 UNLV, 1999 Duke, 2015 Kentucky, 2021 Gonzaga, etc. But there's a reason UConn is a heavy favorite to win two more, despite having the 'tougher' semifinal draw and then potentially facing another No. 1 seed. They are simply beating the shit out of everyone. They've had a 30 point lead in every game of the Tournament. It's so outrageous that it sounds made up, they've played a 5 seed and a 3 seed. Hell, the 3 seed was an elite offense, who looked the part of a top-10 team. Didn't matter, just like it didn't matter the game was once tied 23-23. 

I really wanted to find a way to argue against this. I didn't want to sit here and agree with all these guys in the article that this UConn team would be in the conversation for best team ever. But, uh, how can you? I'm not an idiot, I understand what I see and know enough history of the game to look at it all. They have 3 losses on the season - at Kansas, at Seton Hall and at Creighton. One of the games Clingan went down. Teams don't go undefeated so you can't hold that against them. There's a reason it hasn't happened since 1976. 

This doesn't feel like one of those 'we have no games going on until Saturday, let's just argue about something' statements. This is for sure a storyline heading into the Final Four. My only complaint is Jay Wright not throwing in the 2012 Kentucky team. They are on that list and I demand they get respect. Okay, that's just me being angry that college basketball is ending and my team is a laughingstock again. 

Now, if you want to embrace debate, luckily Tim Brando will do that for us. 

"In my opinion, this UConn team has more answers than the 76’ Hoosiers, the 85’ Hoyas, but perhaps their coat of armor could crack if they experience one thing. Like the '91 UNLV team, what if either Alabama or Purdue have a one-point lead as the Huskies bring the ball down the floor with seconds remaining, and the shot clock is off? You can work on it in practice all you want, but when you have not done it in a game, you never know. The team with seemingly all the answers, can only answer that if it happens."

We just handing Purdue a win over NC State now huh? If not that, at least we have the well, are we sure UConn can win a close game? Impossible to tell! Let's just ignore any close games during the season they played in. That would be dumb. I just love that Brando throws this grenade out there though. The whole joke has been Dan Hurley and close games, which has turned into now a rallying cry of sorts for him and UConn fans. Who cares? What if we never find out?