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Internet Investigators Have Pieced Together That Johnny Manziel And Josie Canseco May Be Dating

So everyone's favorite model / daughter of a former MLB player combo, Josie Canseco, posted this on her Instagram story yesterday and it took the internet approximately two hours to piece together the subtle hint puzzle she left us. Feet on lap…..okay. Blue hoodie…..fine. But those hands…….were have we seen those hands before? Whose hands are those? WAIT! I've seen those fingers rub up against each other almost as much as my own….

Giphy Images.

That's right folks, that right hand belongs to none other than Johnny Manziel.

Kyle Goldberg. Shutterstock Images.

And with the new and improved Goal-Line Zoom Tech tool:

Kyle Goldberg. Shutterstock Images.

Paired next to:

After further review……that is confirmed Johnny Manziel.

Okay, so it's Johnny. And Josie Canseco is resting her feet on his lap, so the question must be asked.

They have to be dating. More than fucking, that's for sure. You don't post that picture if you're just fucking. You post that picture if you're dating. So yeah, I'll break the news: Johnny Manziel and Josie Canseco are DATING.