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The Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Window Has Closed: Stefon Diggs Traded To The Houston Texans

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Oh noooooo Buffalo!!! How does it feel to have your Super Bowl window close before you even make it there??

Listen, Buffalo, I'm not laughing with you, I'm laughing at you, but it's okay because I'm also laughing at myself. You see, the Bills and the Dolphins are one and the same. The only difference is the Bills win playoff games while the Dolphins soil themselves anytime the temperature drops below 70 degrees. I know Josh Allen owns the Dolphins; I've accepted the fact that Josh Allen is my abusive stepfather. But Buffalo, do you know who your abusive stepfather is? It's your own team! Four straight Super Bowls, didn't win once. The Buffalo Bills are the only team in the league who could have a Top 2 QB and a top 10 defense and not have a single Super Bowl appearance.

In all seriousness, how the hell do you guys ship Diggs to Houston? Who is Josh going to throw the ball to? Wegmans bag boys? I won't even bother looking it up; it's bad enough that I can't name a single WR on your team off the top of my head. This trade could be the start of a series of events that push Josh Allen out of Buffalo. If I'm Josh Allen, I'm calling my agent and trying to find out how I can get out of Buffalo. And no, that has nothing to do with me being a Dolphins fan. A top 2 QB in the NFL should not be wasting his prime on a franchise that has failed him year in and year out. Request the trade, Josh! And best of luck in Houston, Stefon!