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Gary Cohen Was 100% Right To Rip The Mets For Last Night's "Rain Delay"

NY Post- Gary Cohen did not want to be at Citi Field on Tuesday.

The legendary Mets announcer rolled his eyes and expressed disgust after filming an SNY hit during a rain delay before the eventual postponement of the Mets-Tigers contest.

It’s fair to assume Cohen believed the cameras were off at the end of the segment.

“We’ll be here when the game starts and until then, you guys just get the snacks that you can and try and keep nourished,” Cohen said before holding a smirk for a several seconds.

Then, presumably believing he was no longer on air, Cohen rolled his eyes, showed frustration and stood up and looked toward broadcast partner Keith Hernandez.

Despite a terrible forecast, the Mets and Tigers did not call the game early.

The Mets officially announced on X at 6:25 p.m. that the game would be delayed and they would provide updates.

Shortly after 9 p.m., the Mets tweeted the game had been rained out and would be played Thursday at 1:10 p.m.

Sadly, this isn't the first time this has happened and it wont be the last. What occurred last night was straight up theft, and the Mets know it. There was not one chance, not one iota, that the Mets were playing that game last night considering it had been raining all day long, and it hasn't stopped since. The Mets decided to absolutely rob their fans and get them to the ballpark where they would pay for parking, buy food, and souvenirs and drinks etc. Then after literally robbing them for 2 hours, announce the game had been cancelled. It's despicable and it happens all the time. 

Good for Gary Cohen, part of the best broadcast team in the bigs for not holding any punches when clearly making it known he knew what was going on was complete and total bullshit. For him, vendors and parking attendants and anyone working in the stadium to be there freezing their asses off in the rain when they could have been home is a joke. THERE WAS NO CHANCE THE GAME WAS BEING PLAYED! NON ! 

When Steve Cohen took over we were promised a better owner and a better fan experience and shit like this makes it like it's the Wilpons all over again. Just a slap in the face of everyone who was there. And tp make matters worse, the game is now moved to Thursday, where if fans want to go, they'll have to take a day off of work and again spend money on parking, food, beer etc. Just a fucking joke and fans deserve better. Good for Gary Cohen ...shame on Steve Cohen.