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Joel Embiid Surprisingly Comes Back And The Sixers Lay The Hammer Beating The #1 Seed In The West

HE IS RISEN. Our savior Joel Hans Embiid is officially back for a playoff run. Of course the man would be limited in his return vs. the Thunder aka a young, whipper-snapping squad that was also tied for the #1 seed in the Western Conference. Didn't matter. The Sixers were down 7 going into the 4th quarter. Also didn't matter. The Big Man thru (along with the likes of Kelly Oubre who had a GREAT evening - game high 25 points with 17(!!!) in the 4th quarter) and the Sixers laid all the pipe in the MVP's return. Everybody approved. Including The Answer. 

We can get into all the stats, intricacies, and analysis to why Joel Embiid is so damn important to the Philadelphia 76ers, but there's really just one fact that needs to be shown: 

Sixers with Joel Embiid during 2023-204 season: 28-7

Sixers without Joel Embiid in 2023-2024 season: 14-27

That's it. A .771 winning percentage guaranteeing one of the top Eastern Conference seeds for the playoffs or tanking for a lottery pick. All from one large, swing dickin' man/God on the court. Don't forget before JoJo got hurt he was averaging more points than minutes played per game. The only other person in NBA history to do such a thing? Wilt The Stilt. So, yeah, it's certainly beneficial for the Sixers to have the MVP back. 

Start spreading the good word, people. It doesn't matter if they're in The Play In or squeak into the 6th seed. Nobody is going to want to face this team with a healthy(ish) Embiid in the playoffs. NOBODY. Now do us all a favor and CUE IT!