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Feels Like 83: DJ Burns Is The Most Beloved Man In America, Had People Climbing Trees At An Applebee's Just To Get A Glimpse Of The Legend

The magic of March right here baby. This is why the NCAA Tournament is perfect, you can't replicate this sort of feeling and movement during a Cinderella run. I mean we saw Tommy DeVito last year for the Giants, right? A couple weeks, got some t-shirts, had a big following and became the belle of the ball before it all crashed down. That feels like nothing compared to what we're seeing with DJ Burns. He's solidified himself as a NCAA Tournament legend. He's been around college hoops forever and it took 9 straight wins for him to become the most popular college hoops player since, I don't know, Zion? That's what we're talking about here. 

Who else is selling out an Applebee's like this? Don't get me wrong DJ Horne fucking rules too. But this is a DJ Burns meet and greet. He's the man who is selling 90% of the tickets here if I had to guess. Hell you might have to go back to the 83 title team to find a more beloved NC State player in Raleigh than Burns. This isn't a no-name program, this isn't some up and coming program. They've had plenty of big name players in that time - Julius Hodge, Dennis Smith, Tom Gugliotta, Cat Barber, Markell Johnson, C.J. Leslie, etc. No one has a line wrapped around the corner with people climbing trees to just to get a glimpse of him. 

I don't blame anyone here either. This is exactly what NIL is for. This is how you capitalize on being the most beloved man in America. The DJ's had to be driven around just to see everyone!

Again, this isn't just Raleigh, this is all of America. DJ Burns is everywhere. People can't stop talking about DJ Burns. Everyone has fallen in love with DJ Burns. He took out Gohlke, he took out Marquette, he beat Duke's ass and next up? Zach Edey. If he can beat Edey, Burns might go down as the most beloved college basketball player of all time. I don't even think that's a joke or anything. That's just where we're at with Burns. Endless apps, dudes in trees and the DJ's. Feels like 83.