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The Guardians Celebrated Bo Naylor's Home Run With A Sketch "What's Up Brother?" Celebration


Listen we can talk baseball if you want. Shane Bieber threw another fucking gem and the Guardians moved to 4-2 on the young season (all on the road). But the main part of this story has to be how Sketch has literally taken over the world. I mean, the fact that you've got three grown men, of three different backgrounds, all 3 pointing their finger in the air and saying "What's up, brother?" as Bo Naylor trots around the bases is remarkable.

The Astros were doing Sketch celebrations, too:

But it's not just Major League Baseball. It's EVERYWHERE. Without question, the three most common words I've heard in the Chicago HQ office since I started here are what's, up, and brother. Fourth has to be Tuesday, and "sorry for cussing" is on the leaderboard as well. The fact of the matter is that Sketch is an absolute monster. Guys across the world love him, and girlfriends fucking hate him…..because all of their boyfriends impersonate him all day. To the point where the Walk Up To Your Boyfriend challenge has taken off on TikTok:

The best way to go viral nowadays is to copy something Sketch does. Now THAT'S power.

* I thought this was a great tweet from Malasek on Monday. 12K likes but I thought it was gonna go for a hundo. Maybe a "What's up, Biden?" would've been better.