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THIS LEAGUE! Ryan Day Responded To Jim Harbaugh's Subtle Jab With A Punch Of His Own

So Jim Harbaugh took a cheap but fair shot at Ryan Day last week at the NFL Head Coach's meetings, mentioning that his favorite thing about his new Chargers organization is how everyone had to work their way to 1st base, instead of being born on 3rd. Obviously that was a clear and obvious reference to Ryan Day, who was handed the keys to THE Ohio State car from Urban Meyer, who was 7-0 against Michigan. Ryan Day won his first game in the rivalry, and now has dropped 3 straight......furthering Harbaugh's favorite point that Ryan Day was born on 3rd base, but now he can't even score. 

So yeah, I blogged about it. My stance is that Jim Harbaugh can say whatever he wants because Michigan has shoved the football down Ohio State's throat for the last 3 years, even after losing his Navy Seal spy that was tipping our plays. But my stance also includes that Jim Harbaugh was also born in scoring position. Yes, he's a really good football coach, but let's not act like he didn't get dealt a solid hand by being the son of a college football coach, who ultimately gave him his first job.

.....and I think Ryan Day read my blog. Because in his first opportunity to speak since then, he said this about our new runningbacks coach we just poached from Oregon.

THIS LEAGUE!!!!!!! You can't convince me that this wasn't a direct retaliation at Harbaugh's comment. I was born on 3rd? You grew up in a football family. Some of us had to WORK to get into the profession. Others were handed it.

Ultimately, I don't think Ryan Day has much of a leg to stand on in the argument. Instead, he should be chirping at Harbaugh for cancelling during the covid season to avoid a 100 point loss and likely firing, and then cheating to win, until he knows the tides are going to turn again so he ran away. Those are all indisputable facts. But listen, whether you're an Ohio State fan or a Michigan Man.....I think we can all agree it's a damn shame these two don't get to coach against each other anymore. We should've had another 10 Year War....not a 4 year battle (plus Covid).