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This One Sequence Shows Exactly Why It's Only A Matter Of Time Before Victor Wembanyama Rules The Basketball World

AAron Ontiveroz. Getty Images.

Yes, we're back for another Victor Wembanyama is doing more ridiculous shit on an NBA basketball court again blog. When you have the best player on the planet (Nikola Jokic) going up against the best player from some sort of different galaxy (Wemby), chances are you're going to see some cool shit. Given the fact that one guy flirts with 20-20-20s and the other guys just had a 40-20 himself, I'm not sure it gets more "must watch" than any Jokic vs Wemby matchup.

As I've blogged all season, part of the fun with Wemby is not only when he shows us something that breaks out brains a little bit, but also when he has moments that give us a glimpse into the future. Remember, this is the worst Victor Wembanyama is ever going to be in his career. It's only up from here and considering where we're starting from, that's a pretty big deal.

We got one of those look into the future type of moments tonight, and it didn't take very long

OK, say it with me…

What the hell.

First, you have Wemby crossing up and finishing over Jokic with the left with a move that I'm not sure should be possible for someone of his size. The handle is one of my favorite aspects of Wemby's game, because to me that's what helps set him apart. Sort of like what we see with KD at his size. Being able to dribble and finish like that on the move as a big is silly for most players in the league but routine for Wemby in Year 1. That's fun.

Then on the other end, you have Wemby sending Jokic's baby hook into the center of the earth. That happens all the time I'm sure (it doesn't). I'd say 99.9% of the time once Jokic gets you on his hip and hits you with that spin move while sealing you off as he goes up for the layup, the defender is cooked. Yet there's Wemby, using his insane wingspan to come out of nowhere with one of the cleanest blocks you'll ever see.

As if that wasn't impressive enough, Wemby ends the sequence by overcoming his teammate's poor decisions and dunks a putback over Aaron Gordon because nobody decides to box out the 7'4 guy. 

In just 3 plays we saw the future of Wemby. This unstoppable offensive force that can put the ball on the floor from 25ft and finish with his off hand over a 7fter who just so happens to be the best player in the NBA. That same force is also going to make an extreme impact defensively, especially at the rim, regardless of who the opponent is. It could be a guard, it could be Giannis, it could be KD, it could be Jokic. How many players can you seriously list that can have that type of two way impact? Whatever names you come up with, it's not a long list.

The point is, we're all screwed. 

I don't care if people think Wemby is being overhyped at this point. Grow up and appreciate the fact that we are not only witnessing something we've never seen before, we're seeing the future of the NBA unfold right before our eyes. That's pretty awesome. Terrible news for every fanbase other than Spurs fans, but cool nonetheless.