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Colin Cowherd Suggesting That Luka Doncic Is Just "Melo With A 3pt Shot" Is A Masterclass In Trolling

Tim Warner. Getty Images.

While the idea of a "hot take" certainly isn't new in today's sports discourse, sometimes you come across something so insane, so outrageous, so mindnumblingly ridiculous that it stops you in your tracks. It doesn't happen often, but you know it when you see it.

Today, we have one of those moments. See for yourself

What, you thought I would only blog when Colin Cowherd threw some bullshit Celtics trolling on the airwaves? No no. Not when we have something like this. Just to make sure everyone has it right, Colin is suggesting that LUKA DONCIC is basically just Carmelo with a 3pt shot.

Giphy Images.

I honestly think you only need to watch a single Luka Doncic possession, just one, to immediately understand how insane of a comparison this is. In no way shape or form has Luka ever been Melo w/ a jumper. This guy?

I'm not sure there is a worst comparison that someone could possibly make than this, and I truly mean that. They are nothing alike! But this is the Colin special that we see time and time again. It's pretty clear he either doesn't watch or at least doesn't even understand what he's watching if this is his takeaway of who Luka is as a player. It's legitimately staggering. And don't get me wrong, Melo is a HOFer. One of the best scorers of his generation and frankly it's lame that he's used as a negative whenever this type of comparison comes out. 

But again, if what you see during games isn't enough, then just look at the production

Sorry, that is not Melo with a 3pt shot. Not even close.

But I will say this when it comes to Luka and the Mavs. The clock is ticking. You can't rightfully be talked about as a legit MVP candidate, continue to have these big number seasons and then flame out in the postseason. It always feels like every offseason we hear about how 

"this is the best Mavs team Luka has ever had"

and then when they underachieve it quickly turns into

"Luka's teammates are awful, he has no help what do you expect?"

Well, you can't have it both ways. To Luka's credit, it's not as if he no shows in the playoffs when he makes it. A career 32.5/9.3/7.9 on 47/36% splits, he's doing his part to some degree. But at the same time, this is now Year 6. If you look around the league and how MVP candidates or young superstars are talked about, they are defined by how deep they consistently go in the playoffs and if they are ever able to win the title. For the most part, Luka has kind of skated from that discourse. It seems crazy, but the Mavs have only won 2 playoff series in the entire Luka era. Almost any other player of his stature gets killed for that type of reality.

This year, the Mavs could get as high as 4th in the West. They addressed their center issue, they addressed their bench depth, they got a completely drama-less year from Kyrie, and Luka has a great chance of finishing Top 2 in the MVP race (or even win it should they finish top 4). The pressure is on for him to show that the lone WCF run wasn't a fluke. Considering he's about to sign the richest deal in NBA history the second he's allowed to

the Mavs are going to be faced with the similar challenge of every other team with a young superstar who will now be on new supermax money. When one guy is making $69M, it makes your team building that much more of a challenge within the new CBA. That's why the pressure to finally win before all that stuff kicks in is so important for a handful of teams across the league, and the Mavs will be no different once that supermax is signed.

So while Colin's comparison is completely moronic and his usual trolling, the overall point of this being a pretty big "prove it" playoff run for Luka and the Mavs is true. Given how they're playing at the moment (W7), it's not crazy to think they'll not only be a tough out but also a team that could make a deep run.

If they fall short of even making the WCF though, something tells me this stupid comparison to Melo is only going to get louder. How do I know that? I have to listen to Colin Cowherd tell me how Jayson Tatum is basically Melo all the damn time.