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That's Rasslin: Alabama's Rylan Griffen Says Upsetting UConn Would Be Like When Ultimate Warrior Beat Hulk Hogan At Wrestlemania VI

Oh fuck yeah, Rylan. This is exactly what we needed, especially since Wrestlemania weekend is now the same weekend as the Final Four. Give me comparisons for all 4 teams. I'm thinking NC State is Daniel Bryan during the yes movement, Purdue is Goldberg and now we have Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan. I don't even know if those comparisons work but NC State as the lovable underdog who is a big name, that's Daniel Bryan. Then Purdue has a guy that people want to debate if they are good or just tall. Goldberg had that streak in WCW that's the only thing I can think of. Maybe The Big Show or Kevin Nash? 

Anyways, we got a Wrestlemania VI shout out. Let's watch it. 

It was Hogan's first clean pinfall loss in 6 years! UConn feels like they are on a 6-year run so it checks out. I'm just glad he didn't go with Lesnar ending the Undertaker's streak. Can't use that one. If we want to stick to basketball, I still think this has 1999 feels. Duke was the dominant team, UConn was damn good but hadn't reached the mountain top yet. If we see them play Purdue in the title game, that's the comparison. 

Back to wrestling though, Griffen might need to pop on a podcast (wonder if there's one around) to talk about Wrestlemania. The dude loves it. 

Any time I can hear a WWE reference to college basketball, I'm gonna love it. It's so good that it makes me forget how pissed off I am that Rico Bosco is running around the place claiming victory. You gotta put way more time, sweat, blood and tears into a team to act that way, Rico. Anyways, if and this is a big if, Alabama wins Griffen's gotta run to the podium like Ultimate Warrior. This is also a dangerous game because you know Dan Hurley will use this as fuel. He'll take offense to being compared to Hulk Hogan, which, fair. 

PS: This Wrestlemania weekend is going to be fucking awesome. I can't wait to see Rock/Roman vs Cody/Rollins and the storylines that come out of it. Rhea/Becky is a monster match. Hell, even Bayley vs Damage CTRL is a good story. They got it right heading into the event, even with the whole Chad Gable coaching up Sammi Zayn story. Robbie will have you covered on it all, just wanted to put it out there. Wrestling is back up. I couldn't be more in this past 2 years or so with AEW and WWE.