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The Internet Thinks This Man Is Being Held Hostage By His Girlfriend (VIRAL POLICE EP. 2)

My first reaction after watching this video this staged? To answer that question, I am taking you into the second edition of VIRAL POLICE. 

This video was tweeted out by a viral aggregator account:

So, chances are that Champagne Sloshy got this from TikTok. To find that video, I took to Google. My search was "Easter Sunday boyfriend girlfriend Chinese food viral" and sure enough I found the original:

The accounts name is Aloralynnnsavasta3:

5766 followers indicate to me that most of them came from the recent viral video. Now, let's go to her former videos:

All indications are that this woman is not a comedy genius. I was looking for former videos that were sketches and there were none. This increases the odds of this video being real up to 95%+ confidence interval. 

Speaking of her former videos…all the comments are about releasing the hostage:

Who, really may be a hostage by the looks of all the videos on his girlfriends page:

Or maybe this fella just loves to eat and the only way he's getting that grub is through his girlfriend:

Maybe…just maybe….this man is incredibly happy. All he needs in his life is his girlfriend who buys him food. All of us are out here in the rat race trying to make an extra few thousand dollars a year…meanwhile this guy has life figured out? 

Or…more likely….THIS MAN IS BEING HELD HOSTAGE! Look at the fear in his eyes….this man needs help. WE MUST SAVE HIM.