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This Couple Is Going Viral for Having Two Car Payments Totaling $3,000 (USD) a Month

Holy shit, what a duo this crew seems to be. This woman is the first person I've ever heard of making $3,000 a month in car payments — at FOURTEEN percent interest, no less — and she seems happy about it. She is excited to tell us all more about the horrifying financial choices she and her husband have made.

I'd have to cry myself to sleep at night if I had $3,000 a month in car payments. I paid considerably less than that for rent in Manhattan.

I don't know if this video was posted to intentionally go viral, but excusing your $1,400 monthly car payment by volunteering that your husband's is somehow more than that and then revealing you're the one who actually negotiated that deal too is certifiably insane if it was genuine. This woman has sent some lucky car salesman's children to college for free.

And then she mentions she might just let both cars get repoed because they have an Audi?! The only positive from any of this is she at least bought this car used, but what the fuck are you doing buying anything when you're already paying $3,000 a month for two cars?

I was actually quite certain this was all fake until I found her showing the screenshots of her $1,400 payment on an $84,000 Chevy Tahoe and now I don't know what to believe. If this is all real, it's one of the most insane things I've encountered on TikTok and that's saying quite a bit.

Someone needs to take this family to CarMax and find them a nice 2014 minivan.