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Paige Spiranac Is Showing The Internet How To Get Dressed For A Tee Time In Under 15 Minutes

It's a little slow on the news front here today at Barstool HQ. Half our sports bloggers learned what women's basketball is yesterday and have been flooding the blog with the game of the century from last night, Klemmer's bitching about the feeble Mets, so allow me to introduce a familiar face back to the blog. We've written about Paige no less than 500 times, but it's important to showcase her helping golfers everywhere this morning. Every golfer ever knows that there comes a time when you get a text from your friend saying tee time is in 15 minutes and you're in underwear needing to get dressed within a couple seconds. Paige has got you covered. Kinda goes against her philosophy though:

Can't argue with science. And there's no needle mover like Paige Spiranac, so let me be the first to thank her for not only helping golfers everywhere, but pageviewers for bloggers near and far looking for a quick ticket. The only person that the NY Post writes articles about more than Portnoy is Paige. I'll let you try and figure out why that is.