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The Women's Final Four Is So Star-Studded That The City Of Cleveland Is Expected To Bring In $25 Million For Hosting

So I'm not saying the entire sport is fixed (gambling wise, not that it was broken, you pigs), but I don't think you could have drawn up a better group of teams to make the Final Four of the NCAA Women's Tournament. I mean, if you could hand select exactly what you would want to happen, obviously LSU vs. Iowa would've been an all-time final, but from the brackets made, these four making it is pretty damn good for the sport:

- South Carolina - Undefeated. Dominant. Minus odds to win the entire thing....before the tournament even started. And a polarizing coach

- Caitlin Clark and Iowa - Best women's college player ever? Maybe. Most electric athlete in sports today? 10000%. Not just college sports either. Caitlin Clark is a fucking megastar 

- UConn and Paige Bueckers - Most notable program in the history of the sport and one of the four biggest names playing in the game today

- North Carolina State - Honestly, who cares. Stanford coming out of that bracket with Cameron Brink probably would've been the best available option for what we had, but the Top 3 draws certainly came out of their Regions. 

And with that, Cleveland has hit the jack pot. Reports are saying the city is going to bring in $25 million from hosting....

I'm not sure how accurate the internet is, but it says that the entire WNBA season brings in about 60 mil per year. Kinda crazy that Cleveland will make half of that over 3 days this weekend. And I wonder what the previous years tournaments have made for the host city's businesses?

* Side note: totally off topic but the WNBA should become a traveling event. Go from city to city instead of having home sites. Caitlin Clark has proven this year that when she comes to town, the place sells out. So why not let her become a traveling circus next year, touring from major city to major city? Or even to small towns....who cares. If 3,000 people are going to some WNBA games, let's try something new and see if we can increase attendance with a different model. And I don't even think it has to be Caitlin Clark. If you only played one WNBA game in Columbus, Ohio next year, it would sell out. But if you play a full season in the city, it wouldn't even come close.

Okay, back to Cleveland. I'm kinda debating asking the big dogs of this company if I can pay my own way and go to the Women's Final Four to make content. Would that be entertaining? Our guys will be at the Men's Final Four, and Trent is going to be at the Barstool Classic, so it seems like it might be good to have boots on the ground in Cleveland for the biggest event in the history of the sport?