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George Lucas Has Officially Been Named The Richest Celebrity In The World

What a win for nerds everywhere. The richest celebrity in the world isn't a famous singer/songwriter/producer/athlete turned make up line entrepreneur - he's a fuckin geek who created the greatest fictional universe in history. Kim Kardashian and Michael Jordan WISH they came up with the lightsaber instead of doing whatever it is they do. And I mean - if Oppenheimer is a movie championship for Jeff D Lowe, what the hell does that make this for me?!

Here's the full list, courtesy of Forbes….

1. George Lucas ($5.5B) 

2. Steven Spielberg ($4.8B) 

3. Michael Jordan ($3.2B) 

4. Oprah Winfrey ($2.8B) 

5. Jay-Z ($2.5B) 

6. Kim Kardashian ($1.7B) 

7. Peter Jackson ($1.5B) 

8. Rihanna and Tyler Perry ($1.4B) 

9. Tiger Woods ($1.3B) 

10. LeBron James, Magic Johnson and Dick Wolf ($1.2B) 

11. Taylor Swift ($1.1B)

A couple notes on this list: 

-Seeing George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg - those crazy kids taking chances in the 70s/80s - side-by-side on a list of the richest celebrities alive is fucking awesome. They did it.

Murray Close. Getty Images.

-George Lucas having almost double Michael Jordan money (and over triple Kim Kardashian money/5x Taylor Swift money) is CRAZY. I didn't realize he had it like that, especially after all of his philanthropy/museum building donations….

Makes sense tho. Mothafuckas bought Star Wars toys. That's for sure.

-Names I didn't expect to see? Peter Jackson and Law & Order's DICK WOLF. Again, it makes sense when you really look at their resumes, but I don't think of them on the same level as names like Michael Jordan/Jay Z/Oprah/Taylor Swift day-to-day.

Good for George, though. This is just another indicator that nerds run the world in 2024 and I doubt thats changing any time soon.

Check out 'American Graffiti' on Netflix this week if you've never seen it - it's a great pre-Star Wars George Lucas movie with Ron Howard/Harrison Ford/Richard Dreyfuss….