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Men Are Getting Jaw Filler To Accomplish The Latest Trend Of "Looksmaxxing"

The future is here and it looks like THIS:

I'd assume this isn't the first jawline filler in the history of humanity. Seeing the results, we may be seeing more of it sooner rather than later:

As a member of the awful jawline community, this does intrigue me. Do I think I should get it? No…..I should probably focus on losing 40+ pounds and then assessing if I want to "looksmax" myself. Also, the backlash from everyone online would be relentless and rightfully so.

I do love that all the videos going viral feature men who were undeniably attractive (pause) before their jaw filler, when in reality the men who most need this look like the classic mouthbreather.

Looksmaxxing took over the internet in 2014 and then went re-viral in 2023 on TikTok. Here's a look at the definition from KnowYourMeme (a website that doesn't get enough credit):

Looksmaxxing, and its variants Looksmaxx and Looksmaxxer, is a slang term based on the aesthetic concept of Lookism and the suffix -maxxing, in accordance with maximizing one's physical appearance for real-world benefits.

It became so popular on TikTok that the app added this disclaimer in their search function:

Methods such as "mewing" have become popular since the trend has entered our lives. So have some memes:

As J. Cole once said, "I'm just playing, but all good jokes contain true shit."

We could all use a little bit of looksmaxxing…however, be careful if you go down this path. As pointed out in looksmaxxing's Wikipedia entry:

Writing for The Conversation, senior lecturer and researcher Jamilla Rosdahl of the Australian College of Applied Psychology considered the practice to convert young men into incels as a result of TikTok algorithms. On the popularity of looksmaxxing amongst young people overall, she wrote that "where young people feel like they can’t control their environment, they may turn to trends such as looksmaxxing as something they can control," attributing several real world problems such as an unstable economy.

Who would've thought that coffee costing $5 a cup had to do with looksmaxxing teenagers.