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Report: Rashee Rice Leased the $240K Lamborghini Involved in That Street Racing Crash, Which Would Seem to be a Problem for Him and the Chiefs

Michael Owens. Getty Images.

Like I said among all the qualifiers like "allegedly," "reportedly," and "it would appear" when posting about the crash in Dallas over the weekend:

… no one had gotten a positive ID on the drivers of the two land rockets that caused the pileup. 

I will give you this assurance though. We can rest easy in the knowledge that the finest investigative team in America is on it. And they promise to leave no stone unturned until they crack this mystery. I'm speaking of course of that crack squad of forensic experts, CSI: NFL:

So sleep well, citizens. Our best and brightest are on the case. They might not have been able to solve the riddles of CTE, or domestic violence by Ray Rice or Josh Brown, but the Mystery Machine is on its way to Dallas to pull the mask off these culprits. 

However this could be the smoking gun that will crack this caper wide open:

Source - As more facts emerge, the situation becomes potentially more concerning for Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice.

According to NBC 5 in Dallas, Rice had leased the Lamborgini Urus involved in the six-car accident that left multiple people injured, with one hospitalized at least a day after the crash. Police believe the Lamborghini and a Corvette were street racing.

The attorney representing the company that owns the car confirms that it had been leased to Rice.

“Classic Lifestyle leased the vehicle, the 2021 Lamborghini Urus that was involved in this accident,” Coker told NBC 5. “And we had an agreement with Mr. Rice in order to provide that lease. And under our contract, [he] was supposed to be the only one driving. …The question of who was driving becomes critical because, under Texas law, a driver who leaves the scene of an accident involving injuries faces potentially serious consequences.

Furthermore - Watch the video. The Corvette tries to pass a car in the left shoulder. The Lamborghini rockets into the picture from behind. The Lamborghini spins to a stop after the collision.

Look closely. It appears that one man emerges from the back seat on the passenger side — and that two emerge from the front seat on the passenger side. Based on the photos posted by on Monday, including the image of Rice with family members before the incident, it looks like Rice is the second person out of the front seat on the passenger side.

For his part, Rice - who, in case I haven't covered my ass enough already is only "reportedly" the lessee of said insanely expensive precision-engineered driving vehicle and only "appears" to be the second gentleman sliding out of the passenger side door and casually traipsing up the side of the highway like he's strolling through a dog park with a Golden Doodle on a leash - hasn't said anything. He's let his attorneys do the talking for him. And they haven't said much:

Again, here's more we can rest assured about. Rice is "cooperating with local authorities." And he's taking "all necessary steps to address the situation responsibly." We could point out that all that cooperation didn't extend to alerting those same authorities to a multi-vehicle crash, and cars left strewn all over the highway. And all that willingness to address the situation responsibly didn't involve checking in on the several people who were injured. That all that interest in civic duty went right out the Lamborghini window in favor of beating feet away from the scene. But to say that would be to assume Rashee Rice was behind the wheel of the high end luxury car he was contractually obligated to be driving. And I won't allow that sort of presumption of guilt. Not on my blog, mister.

To that point, I did a little research into the car in question, which comes with a sticker price starting at $237,000:

The luxury of Italian craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technology. Aerospace-inspired design and driver-oriented instrumentation, featuring three TFT screens, make the driving experience more comfortable and engaging.
The interior can be customized and made even more sporty or elegant, thanks to the wide range of colors and materials: leather, Alcantara, wood, aluminum or carbon-fiber finishes.

  • Displacement: 3,996 cm³ (243.85 cu in)
  • Max. power: 650 CV (478 kW) @ 6,000 rpm
  • Top speed: 305 km/h
  • Acceleration:  0-100 km/h (MPH 0-62) 3.6 s

Whether Rashee Rice was the operator of the vehicle is for juries to decide. Either in a criminal trial or all the civil lawsuits he's inevitably going to be facing. But like they tell jurors, they're not expected to leave their common sense at the courthouse door. Ask yourself if you'd lease this turbo-charged, nitro-powered, warp-drive starship, only to break the lease by letting one of your buddies to take the wheel. 

Whether or not Rice did, we should soon find out. But either way it turns out, this guy made a tremendously, unforgivably dumbass decision that's probably going to cost him millions. If not his career. Allegedly. And as it all plays out Patrick Mahomes is going to be collateral damage.

Stay tuned for further updates.