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Swifties Have To Stop Letting The BTS Army Beat Us In The "Best Fan Army" Category At The iHeart Radio Music Awards

Last night were the iHeart Radio Music Awards, and our girl Taylor Swift took home a whopping SIX awards. Yawn, light work! Artist of the year, Pop artist of the year, Tour of the year, Best lyrics, Tiktok bop of the year, and last but not least, Favorite Tour Style. And yet, somehow, even though the Swifties are undoubtedly the fiercest of fans, we lost out on the "Biggest Fan Army" award. Foiled, YET AGAIN, by the BTS Army....for the seventh year in a row. 

BLASPHEMY!!!!! Listen, I know the BTS army is on another level. And, to be clear, I do NOT want the smoke. BTS crushes it, and their fans are passionate - we love passionate fans! However, after all we've been through in the Swiftiverse....we cannot take this sitting down any longer. This year especially, the Swifties were out in FULL FORCE. I've never seen a group of people rally around an artist like we all have, and continue to do. People quake when they hear our footsteps coming - afraid to even speak out "negatively" against Taylor Swift, for fear of catching it from her fans. It's the biggest thing we have going for us, and yet? BTS comes out on top again. What are they doing, that we aren't? How can we improve? What exactly do we need to do to take this well deserved hardware home, once and for all? 

I did a little digging, to see if there is a chance, this is on us. Who determines the iHeart award winners?

WOW, okay. So it's on us??? Somehow, some way, the Swifties didn't rise to the occasion when it concerns online voting? We're a smart bunch, someone wasn't able to figure out a hack that lets us vote more than the BTS army has? Where is our dedication? It's like we don't even care! I'm lumping myself into this too, as I didn't cast a single vote! How have we been so blind to something so glaringly obvious? Absolutely fucked up. 

I'm here to say - NO MORE. Next year, we're coming out in full force. I'll be voting online until my fingers bleed, and every Swiftie should do the same. We can't keep getting embarrassed like this. Not in the year of Barbie!!!! Not in the year of The Eras Tour!!! Have we learned nothing???? 

Congratulations to Taylor, and also, on behalf of the entire fanbase, I am sorry. Next year, we won't let you down. BTS Army, your reign is coming to an end.