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White Sox Dave Has Done The Impossible...Unified Bears Twitter

One clip. One clip is all it took. Bears Twitter has been in an ugly civil war all off-season. The Justin Fields fans would absolutely would try to murder anyone who suggested that the Bears best course of action was to re-start the rookie contract clock and start over with Caleb Williams as the #1 pick. It's honestly been miserable to be online talking about the Bears basically since December. 

That all turned. Our fan base was in desperate need of a unifier. A man who could use his gift of eloquence to bring together people who would otherwise be screaming at each other. That man is W.S.D. 

Gotta respect a man with such conviction that he will NEVER back down even in the face of overwhelming hate and evidence

It is time to put the Civil War to bed. We can use this moment to stop hating each other and focus that hate strictly on WSD. We can cheer for Caleb Williams and loathe David Williams. That is the path forward. A man willing to die for the cause. A mytre. A hero, if you will. WSD died on the internet so we can come together.