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Crazy Video Of A Kentucky Kid Getting Obliterated And Tossed Around By Some Nasty Wind While Trying To Walk On Campus Today

First off, everyone stay safe out there. This weather is starting to pick up in the area and apparently we're getting it worse this afternoon. Second, why the hell are you walking around campus today? More importantly why would you ever walk around POT? That place is undefeated when it comes to wind. You ever try to walk down those stairs on a nice day and you're battling wind, let alone a day we're getting some of the worst weather the area has experienced. Don't be a hero and go to class. There shouldn't even be class, just stay inside and email your professor that you're playing it safe. Seems like the logical thing to do here. 

Let this be a lesson to anyone around the UK campus, any day really. Stop walking around Patterson Office Tower. Take a detour. That place is begging to take souls. You gotta figure out a way to walk somewhere else because it could be a gorgeous day with no wind anywhere else on campus and the moment you approach POT you're clinging to a wall. Can't have it. That's how I know this is a real video, besides the fact every major account tweeting it out. Spend one day on campus walking there and you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Like I said though, stay safe out there. Actually just stay inside. It's nasty and apparently only getting worse today. Don't try to be stronger than the wind. And for the love of God, UK, cancel classes. What are we doing here?