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Just A Normal Day In The Big East: #TheResignation Is Trending Because A Parody Account Has People Thinking Ed Cooley Quit His Job At Georgetown

Goddamnit, here we go again. Don't get me wrong I fucking love this because nothing and I mean nothing is better than Big East Twitter. It's the most rabid group who just get how the Internet is supposed to work ... most of the time. But now we have #TheResignation trending and all over Twitter because of this: 

It's worth noting he's still listed as head coach on the site and apparently the head coach is never listed in this portion of the directory. Whatever, that's boring and facts. We don't want that here. We want Big East Twitter to have a field day because of a parody account. The same parody account who got a Marquette senior compliance officer to put out a statement that Tyler Kolek can in fact read. Still the funniest goddamn thing in the Big East this year. 

Look at every response under the Titus show tweet. #TheResignation. It's great, this is why we need Big East twitter around. This is what Twitter is supposed to be. Take a fake rumor and run with it to make fun of a program who is a disaster. It's supposed to be firing off jokes and getting something like #TheResignation to trend. We're on the verge of an all-time Big East twitter year after the committee leaving out Seton Hall, St. John's and Providence from the NCAA Tournament. They might actually bully the NCAA into doing smart shit. 

That said, Ed Cooley quitting Georgetown after 1 year would be the funniest storyline in college basketball. Dude caught heat left and right, became a traitor to his hometown school and then just dips? You'd almost be forced to respect that move. Just go take the USC job or something like that instead. 

Lesson as always - the Big East twitter is fucking ruthless. It's also what makes college basketball the best. They are what we need during slow days like this.