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Angel Reese Says She Hasn't Been Happy Since Winning The National Championship And Wants Everyone To Know She's Still Human

Well now I'm torn. Eh, not really. I'm going to be honest with you guys......my initial reaction is to bring out the violin and say womp, womp, wompppppp. Because the fact of the matter is that Angel Reese brought a whole lot of this negative attention on herself by the way she acted in last year's National Championship.

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

And I don't even feel it's just that one moment. No one can deny that Angel went on and fully embraced the Villain role, being unapologetic in everything she does and says. Which is fine with me….be who you are….but when that person you are brings on hate, don't continue to be the Villain until you lose and then become the victim. I mean, even up until last week she was pulling shit like waving goodbye to players that foul out and chirping at the other bench and coaches.

That's Angel Reese! And again, to be very clear, I have ZERO problem with her doing this if that's what she wants to do. Caitlin Clark acts in a different but similarly polarizing way when she plays, but she owns it and doesn't cry foul when people hate on her. When she lost last year, she said she was fine with what Angel Reese did. But when Angel lost this year, she wanted to remind everyone she's human. That's wrong, in my opinion.

…….but on the other hand: as a human being with a soft spot for kids that have gone through shit in their life, I never want to hear someone say that they haven't been happy in over a year. That's sad. And my advice to her, although she's not asking for it, would be that if you want people to change how they treat you, you may need to change how you treat people. 

Then again, maybe I'm reading this all wrong. Maybe we're all reading this all wrong. Maybe, like Flau'Jae Johnson said after the game yesterday, we all don't know Angel (although we're only going off what she shows us).